On Board Courier – OBC

On Board Courier - OBC

Transport with a courier on board the aircraft is the safest type of air transport, especially for single piece parcels. It is becoming more and more popular in the automotive industry and its main benefit is related to the speed of delivering parcels around the world within a matter of hours.

OBC transport is carried out exclusively by  trained courier.

  • spare parts and material – transport of goods intended for production or additional processing
  • medical material – blood or plasma samples for research purposes, but also organs intended for transplant
  • legal and other valuable documents

Why choose this service in particular?

  • Speed and Safety: we find the best suitable flights so that the courier arrives with your parcel at the destination safely and on time
  • Priority: luggage always has priority before cargo
  • Price: significantly cheaper than other transport methods, such as a chartered flight

Why exactly are our couriers so successful?

  • 100% reliability: we meticulously train every single courier of ours. They know what do in every situation.
  • Assertiveness: we can deal with any situation
  • Language skills: an inseparable part of every courier and the foundation of success


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