Rail and Intermodal Services


Rail and Intermodal Services

Transkon Logistics strives to be the leading user of intermodal services in Europe and to take full advantage of this environmentally friendly service.

We see that intermodal services represent an economic and environmentally-friendly solution for long-distance FTL transports.

  • Optimization of traffic flows

    Rail and ship modes of transport are not subject to driving bans on weekends, at night time or on public holidays, and they never experience traffic jams.

  • Avoiding congested roads

    Road transport in Europe is continually increasing. Freight space is limited at peak times. Secure long-term additional fixed load capacities in combined transport!

  • Reduction in CO2 emissions

    You can considerably reduce pollutant emissions (especially the greenhouse gas CO2) by up to 55% by rail and by 75% in Short Sea Shipping. The environment, society and your customers will thank you for it!


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